Full Service Marketing Agency

Great Marketing Starts Here!

Busy Ants is a full-service marketing agency with a big appetite for superior results and a good heart that cares about the image and future of businesses.

We’re more than just an agency – we are a team of lovely people who put a human face to every touch point of our working relationship with clients. 

Our strength lies in our ability to employ current marketing trends to help make your organisation or business look beautiful, relevant and profitable.

Our Approach!

Business Building Mentality

The focus is to become the best in our niche. So for every project, our recommendation is to be part of the thinking process, to really understand your bigger picture, and draw up a systematic procedure to execute it. What drives our execution process is purely the motivation to help build towards the future of your business.

We carry out the execution process by putting a human face to every touch point of our relationship with our clients. At the end of the day, our approach to work will ensure that:

1. Your brand, products or message is projected to your target audience through any of our services. Our expertise allows us to plan and work to maximise your ROI on any money spent.


2. We promote your brand to people with a bespoke advertising or marketing campaign, and support you throughout your working relationship with us.


3. We offer the right business advisory service where necessary to ensure that clients’ projects operate smoothly and tie into the bigger picture.


4. The tangible assets we create and produce for our clients conform to high quality standards. This is a value principle which runs through every phase of our mode of operation.


5. We deliver high quality, fully accountable marketing services and target them to your audience to maximise your ROI.


Why Choose Us

We’re much more than just an agency – we are a team of really nice people who put a human face to every touch point of our working relationship with clients

Quality Services

With a big appetite for superior results, we’ll work until the results you desire are achieved.


We’ll use our heads, and think uniquely to implement your projects, so to meet the targets you dream of. Anyway, thinking out of the box is part of our implementation process.

Project on Time

Count on us to meet your timelines, even the tightest and seemly impossible ones.

24/7 Support

We won’t turn our backs on you after delivering your job. You could count on our timely support, whenever it’s needed.


To market businesses and organisations and make them look beautiful, relevant and profitable.

We seek to achieve this by becoming an industry leader, and the preferred marketing partner.

Whenever there is the need to achieve the best from any service you outsource, you need apartner that is experienced, an industry leader, and has a track record to deliver your objectives on time. That is when we come in as a marketing agency.


We bring tailor-made creativity to every project, knowing very well that Creativity which is built around a specific objective and backed by true data is pure gold.



We are a team of really nice people. We exist to make our clients happy, but this won’t be possible if our staff Members are not happy themselves. So if you think of having a job that will make you grow to love it, then we might just be the one for you.

Apply to join our team today. There are currently openings for internships and short term contracts for talented creative designers in graphics and photography.

Get in touch if you believe you could contribute to the world of work.


We will do well to share with you the latest from our industry quite soon.