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Why Choose Us

We are good at turning briefs into results.

Project on Time

Count on us to meet your timelines, even the tightest and seemly impossible ones.

24/7 Support

We won’t turn our backs on you after delivering your job. You could count on our timely support, whenever it’s needed.

Quality Services

With a big appetite for superior results, we’ll work until the results you desire are achieved.


We’ll use our heads, and think uniquely to implement your projects, so to meet the targets you dream of. Anyway, thinking out of the box is part of our implementation process.

Who we are

Great Marketing Starts Here!

Busy Ants is a full-service marketing agency with a big appetite for superior results and a good heart that cares about the image and future of businesses.

We’re more than just an agency – we are a team of lovely people who put a human face to every touch point of our working relationship with clients. 

Our strength lies in our ability to employ current marketing trends to help make your organisation or business look beautiful, relevant and profitable.

What we do


Experience has shown us that not everyone should be allowed to write the words needed to promote your business, products, services or even your personality.

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Digital Marketing

Utilising the power of the internet to reach millions of customers with just a click is the focus of many forward-thinking businesses today. And we at Busy Ants are well positioned to help companies achieve that.

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Creative designs, printing and publications

Build a brand identity to last your business a lifetime. Our existing clients trust us to maintain their brand image through relatable and attention-grabbing designs.

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Branding and Signage

Our indoor and outdoor branding and signage skills will amaze you. Let us work to create flexible and adaptable branding for your business or organisation.

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Corporate Events

Once we get the chance to work on your event, we will focus on enhancing your brief to achieve experiential results for your audience and make your firm look great.

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Sales Activation and Promotions

The head of sales and promotions at Busy Ants calls his sales professionals ‘The Sales Dogs.’ He often says sales is the lifeblood of all economies.

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Our Partners

Social media strategy drives leads and creates engagement. When it is done well, social media marketing holds the power to generate several conversations around your brand, product or service.